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Av Wu Design creates  illustrations   and   murals     

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Welcome to   Av Wu   Design Studio.

| Multi-disciplinary artist and designer 


| Toronto-based

Digital Illustration

Toronto Artist

Toronto Artist Avril Wu Av Wu Design Studio Digital illustrator, Murals, Mural, Mural Artist

for good brands and good people.
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Untitled_Artwork 56.png


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Untitled_Artwork 56.png


Av Wu, Toronto Artist, paints a vibrant mural for Toronto International Film Festival 2022 (TIFF).

Live Mural


Av Wu, Toronto Artist, paints vibrant mural for the grand opening of Delta Hotel Toronto's, Roof at SOCO.

Live Mural for Grand Opening


Av Wu, digital illustrator, creates a limited edition digital illustration for Tim Hortons with GUT Agency.

Tim Hortons x GUT Agency

Digital Campaign | National Doughnut Day


Av Wu, Toronto Artist, designs digital illustrations for Maple Leafs Celebrating Women's Game Merchandise

Toronto Maple Leafs

Custom Merch Design


Av Wu, Toronto artist and digital illustrator, creates empowering image of a roaring tiger and fearless woman for the launch of Wattpad's Creators Program.

Digital Campaign | Writer's Program


Av Wu, Toronto Artist, paints abstract, floral mural for TTC.




Av Wu, Toronto Artist, designs a fresh mural featuring abstract cranes and orange slices for Delta Hotel Toronto's Whiskey Bar, Char No.5. in collaboration with JP Wisers..
Av Wu, Toronto Artist, creates digital illustration for Collective Arts Brewery, Botany Water packaging.
Av Wu, Toronto Artist, creates mural for Trios College, Toronto Campus
Av Wu, Toronto artist, creates a series of digital illustrations for Tim Hortons Restaurants.

Tim Hortons

In-store Artwork


Av Wu, Toronto artist, creates playful mural for Pinot's Palette.



Av Wu, Toronto Artist, illustrates Mommy's Feelings, a children's book that educates on the nature of mental health in family dynamics.

Mommy's Feelings



Package Design


Trios College Toronto



Av Wu, Toronto Artist, creates digital illustration for Rendezviews Private Booths.


Booth Design 

Paper Koi Workshop


Av Wu, Toronto Artist, creates a mural for BMO - proceeds donated to Kids Help Phone.




Identity/Artistic Direction



Av Wu (Avril Wu), Toronto Artist, specialising in digital illustration and murals, stands in front of her mural she created for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) 2022.

Av Wu Design (Avril Wu) is a multi-disciplinary Toronto Artist and Designer. She has gained recognition for her playful, colourful illustrations often seen on murals on the streets of Toronto and food/beverage packaging


Born in Malaysia and raised in Toronto, Av is most influenced by the breathtaking landscapes and cultures she’s encountered throughout her travels around the world. She takes inspiration from the subtleties in Asian cultures and narratives. With a vibrant, geometric aesthetic, Av mixes dream-like doodles, simple iconography and clean-cut shapes, creating imaginative worlds and characters. Her aim is to transport the viewer out of their current reality to experience a feeling of bliss for a moment in time. 


In addition to mural work, Av has adapted her illustrations to various industries and brands. Notable clients include Tim Hortons, The Toronto Maple Leafs, Wattpad, TIFF, Absolut Vodka, The Delta Hotel, Smorgasburg, Collective Arts and City of Toronto.

Untitled_Artwork 56.png
Untitled_Artwork 56.png




"Av Wu (Avril Wu) is such a talented illustrator! Av worked on five illustrations with my team, each of which were beautifully executed, unique, and aligned with my company’s brand. She was able to digest the brief and our feedback, bringing our vision to life. In each stage of the process, she was always very transparent with her timeline and consistently shared concepts, revisions, and final assets on time. I loved working with Av and would definitely seek out her talents again. Thanks Av!" 

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Inquiries, Questions and more?

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